Ground Reflections

Ground Reflections provides consultation, mitigation and monitoring solutions for electromagnetic interference (EMI) and exposure (EME) issues in facilities, networks and environments, and consultations for new technology deployments. We also have a mission to promote awareness about electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues on emerging infrastructures.

Preparing our infrastructures for the future

Ground Reflections Electromagnetic Systems and Engineering Inc. is a Whitehorse-based company with a mission to develop technical solutions to the infrastructure challenges that accompany the deployment of next generation technologies such as 5G communications, renewable energy systems, Smart Grids, the Internet of Things (IoT), electrified and autonomous transportation, and cloud computing. The solutions developed by Ground Reflections will modernize our system infrastructures and facilitate the introduction and sustainability of the new technologies in a manner that’s compatible with our northern environment.

The World Around Us

Emerging technologies such as grid-connected renewable energy systems, Smart Grid networks, and EV charging networks depend heavily on increasingly sophisticated power electronics and digital systems. Due to the high data rates and switching frequencies of these modern electronic platforms, along with their increasing density, proximity and inter-connectivity, there has been a growing awareness in the global engineering community about the electromagnetic interference and co-existence issues that challenge the widespread adoption of these new technologies. Problems caused by these issues can be remediated, mitigated or prevented with careful engineering analysis and planning at the design and installation stages, or even at the post-installation stage. Effective solutions depend on accurate surveys, analyses and monitoring of the electromagnetic environments.

What is EMI?

EMI is caused by unwanted, or interfering, currents and radio waves that find their way into an electronic system or device.

What is EME?

There has been growing concern and controversy about the potential effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure (EME) on humans due to the proliferation of wireless systems in populated areas. The expectation of 5G deployments and the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) applications has brought the issue closer to the forefront as a public concern.


Any electromagnetic survey, inspection or simulation of an installation or facility has optimal significance when placed within the context of an accepted standard. To have meaning, any electromagnetic assessment at a given site should always be conducted with the same methods and procedures, test equipment, reference levels, and calibrations.


Ground Reflections Electromagnetic Systems and Engineering Inc.

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